Burger King Employee Who Was Fired For ‘Stealing’ 50 Cents Worth Of Food Just Received $46,000 Compensation

An ex Burger King employee, who was fired for taking 50 cents (Rs.26) worth of food from an outlet in Canada has just been awarded $46,000 (Rs.23 lakh) by a court for wrongful termination as well as the ordeal she went through after being fired.

The Incident

Three years ago Fiji immigrant Usha Ram, who had worked at different Burger King locations for 24 years reportedly asked her store manager to take home some food after a shift, saying she had left her wallet at home. So, she took a fish sandwich, French fries and a drink.

Following this, the owner of the franchise, Janif Mohammed fired Ram saying she was only given permission to take home a sandwich – not fries or a drink – which was considered theft.

What The Court Said

Ram proceeded to take the termination case to court after she was fired in January 2014. The judge just ruled in rams favour with a statement saying:

“Given the absence of any evidence of premeditation or attempted concealment, the absence of any formal discipline history, Ms. Ram’s excellent and lengthy record working with [the area manager], the nature of her position and her economic vulnerability as a 55-year-old woman with little education who had worked as a fast food cook for 24 years, summary dismissal would not be a proportionate sanction,”  said Justice Lisa Warren in her summary.

Ram has been awarded $21,000, which is a year of lost wages and $25,000 in aggravated damages.

Ironically, after Ram’s employee discount, the only real ‘theft’ that occurred at the Burger King outlet was worth 50 cents.

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  • Robert Monteiro
    February 19, 2017 6:36 pm

    Well Done Justice cause I am an Ex Burger King Employee in the Gulf, we never got Bad treatment from our Seniors nor the Franchise Owner. But this sort of dirty Treatment to a employee who worked for more than 20 years deserves this Justice. God bless the Judge.

    Thanks & Best regards

    Robert Monteiro

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