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The Burger Just Saw Red: Burger King Japan To Introduce A Red Burger


It’s creepy, it’s red, it’s a burger and it’s Japanese! Burger King Japan is at it again and this time the hue of the mutated burger is a blazing red. 

The Aka Burger – “aka” means “red” in Japanese – is here to give its Kuro cousin company. The burger comes in two varieties: Samurai Beef and Samurai Chicken. These burgers sport a bright red bun, red cheese, and – surprise surprise! – a red tomato.

This isn’t the only crazy color concoction we’ll be seeing from Burger King Japan. The chain has also updated its Kuro Burger, or “black” burger, which rolled out last fall. The new versions, the Kuro Shogun and the Kuro Taisho, both tout the same charcoal-blackened bun and squid ink-dyed sauce as their namesake burger, but now include new ingredients. The Kuro Shogun sports grilled eggplant and the Kuro Taisho features a hash brown patty. The Kuro Shogun and the Kuro Taisho are arriving on August 21.


What’s the source of this red?

The black in Kuro came from squid ink, we are too scared to know where the red in Aka comes from! *shudders*

The company says that the fiery crimson hue was created using tomato powder. And suiting their color, these burgers are spicy – slathered in what Burger King has named “Angry Sauce,” created from chili peppers and chili paste.

The Aka Burger will be available starting July 3.




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