Bunny Ice Cream Cones Are The Cutest Thing in South Korea

This is perfect timing, since the month of July is known as the International Ice Cream Month. We’re in the middle of summer and ice cream is clearly the only thing that is going to save us now, so it makes sense. And in honour of Ice Cream Month, we stumbled across this adorable new kind of ice cream in South Korea. They are officially the cutest thing we’ve seen shared on the internet today.

Meet the The Rabbit Cone. A scoop of ice cream is dressed up and decorated to look like the face of a bunny in a cone! While some might think they look terrifying since the face is lopsided and not normal, you cannot deny just how adorable they are.


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Made by Chichi Pong in South Korea, these ice creams are called “The Rabbit Cone” and are extremely popular in South Korea (we wonder why?!). You can get them in three flavours – strawberry, chocolate or vanilla – so what are you waiting for? Book the first ticket you can get your hands on and get out of here as fast as possible!


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Somebody needs to create something this adorable in other parts of the world as well. And do it fast!