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Budweiser melts our heart once again with their new Super Bowl Ad.


Brace yourselves. This is probably one of the most adorable ads you will have come across in the longest time. It’s so heart-warming that you might feel your eyes water up a bit. At least that is what is bound to happen if you combine the cutest puppy ever with the graceful and elegant, let’s not forget, gorgeous Clydesdale horse.

The Beer giant released a sneak peak of their Super bowl ad today which features an adorable lab puppy that accidentally loses his way and his journey back to his beloved horse-friend and owner. The trusty Budweiser Clydesdale horse has a role to play in the safe return of his young little friend. We aren’t really sure what this has to do with the beer, but we don’t need an excuse to watch an adorable pup and his BFF horse, do we?