Bryan Cranston Was A Murder Suspect During His Days As A Waiter!

We all know that most of our favourite celebs served their dues in the restaurant industry before they made it big. And all their struggle day stories don’t come without a fun story to tell, Jurassic Park actor Chris Pratt would totally agree. As would Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston. Read on to find out why.

During First We Feast’s popular Hot Ones competition, Cranston and his Why Him? co-star James Franco were challenged to eating five different wings, increasing in heat. The duo fielded questions about their new film, facial hair and their first jobs at restaurants as they downed the fiery wings. And turns out that on-screen Walter White wasn’t any less cynical – read, dark – in his early days as a restaurant waiter.whyhim

The 60-year-old actor recalled his time working at a Polynesian restaurant where he once made a joke about killing a particular chef whom they particularly didn’t like – a man named Peter Wong. “I said I think I’d slice him up in a wok and stir fry him and make moo goo gai Peter,” Cranston says. Whoa!

But the joke went on to bring major trouble for Cranston when the chef in question suddenly went MIA around the same time he and his brother finished working at the restaurant and headed off for months on their motorcycles. And while this may sound like the script for a thriller flick, it really did happen.

“The cops came into the restaurant and said, ‘Is there anybody here that ever talked about hurting Peter Wong?’” Cranston says. The Cranston brothers then had a ‘wanted suspects’ alert put on them — but were soon acquitted for the crime. Because they did not do it. or so we hope because Wong really did end up dead, and that too around the same time as the Cranston brothers’ bike trip. Nope, the actor doesn’t reveal his alibi. Neither does he admit to not committing the crime.

Well then Walter White may not be all that fictional, is it?


Watch the full video of Franco and Cranston battling their way through the hot wings below.