Brunch It Up The Au Naturel Way At The Westin’s Aqua Brunch

A delicate drizzle from the waterfall (yes, you read that right!) and a delightful breeze welcomed us as the door opened and we entered what was definitely one of the most unique dining set-ups we’ve ever seen. Stepping into a pool of ankle-length water which is undoubtedly the star attraction here at The Westin Chennai’s Aqua Brunch, we took in just how perfectly outdoorsy the place was and with the delicious smells wafting our way, we couldn’t wait to get started with our meal.

The place has strategically set buffet counters for appetizers, biryani, and dessert and live counters for salads, burgers, hot dogs and cocktails. A huge artificial waterfall on one side dominates the scene, making us feel as close to nature as we could possibly get in this bustling city.

We started off with the appetizers that consisted of a selection of bruschetta, egg frittata, cheese tart salad among other equally tasty ones.

The salad counter lets you whip up your own salad with fresh vegetables and a variety of dressings to choose from.

The burger and hot dog sections were designed to cater to every palate. The beef and chicken burgers we had were made to perfection with the right selection of veggies and customized mayonnaise that was packed with flavors.

The Mutton Biryani was a definite hit and their live grill section was a unique experience in itself, where the final 15% of the cooking of the meat, seafood, and paneer gets done right at your table. The crumb-fried mahi mahi and the chicken were tender and juicy, thanks to the live grill.

The cocktail counter kept dishing out mojitos and sangrias (both red and white wine) to keep us busy while the dishes arrive.

The sour twist with cranberry, orange, and lemon was refreshing and went nicely with the food.

There was a lot on offer for those with a sweet tooth too. The selection of desserts included both Indian sweets and pastry items and all of them were pretty as a picture and tasted divine. The berry choux bun and the chocolate fudge made for a perfect finish to our meal.

The idea behind this weekly food fest is to give people a chance to relax amidst the elements of nature in their shorts and tees, connect with each other over healthy local food and live DJ, and to basically enjoy the weekend to the fullest. On the whole, we had a delicious meal in a beautiful outdoor setting and a brunch experience like no other.

Aqua Brunch at The Westin, Velachery, is priced at 1500 plus taxes per person and offers unlimited food and alcohol.