British Airways Discontinues Free Food In Short-Haul Economy Class
December 7, 2017
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British Airways Discontinues Free Food In Short-Haul Economy Class

In January this year, the British Airways dropped its policy of serving complimentary food and drinks to all its passengers and companies like Marks & Spencer were brought in to supply sandwiches at the range of price for which started at £3.90. Currently, the Independent reports that the airlines is not going back to providing free food for its short-haul economy class as well.

Reactions For The New Policy

“It was absolutely the right decision for BA to take, and I absolutely admit it was very difficult at the beginning,” said the British Airways boss at an Aviation Club lunch in London. During the course of the lunch he also confirmed that the new policy for food on flight isn’t going to change anytime soon. However, according to reports, the passengers had complained that on longer duration flights there was hardly any choice of food and due to limited supplies, the airlines had run out of food.

“We’ve made apologies for that, and we have fixed it,” Cruz said at the lunch. “To be honest, the demand for the product completely surprised us. We had planned similar levels of adoption as some of our sister airlines.” The Independent further reports that Cruz took a question from a retired BA Concorde pilot, who went on to call the new policy “a complete disaster for British Airways” and asked when it would be modified. “I’m not going to modify it,” Cruz responded. “Every carrier in the world will be offering food-to-buy for on very short flights as we do.”

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