Bringing The Taste Of Thailand To Chennai! Here’s The Perfect Thai Food Festival To Brighten Up Your Week

Listen up all you, foodies! Chennai’s favourite destination for Thai food is hosting Southern Thai Food Festival till 1st of October! Benjarong on TTK road is organizing a food festival which covers various regions of Thailand with a special focus on seafood from the southern coast, known for its sharp and intense taste


The dishes are perfectly executed and prepared with authentic Thai condiments like Kaffir Lime Leaves, Thai Galangal and Thai Red Chilies that lends the perfect aroma and spices that will take you on a roller coaster of culinary treat! The menu consists of appetizers like Satay Malay that is grilled prawns skewers in Malay style with peanut sauce, and Tod Prik Khing which is crispy beef or Bamboo shoots wok tossed with string beans and basil in red curry paste and satay platter with southern style marinade. Moving to the soup section, which consists of various choices like Yum Pla Dook Foo which has steamed, minced and deep-fried catfish topped with raw mango salad and cashew nuts, Gaeng Som Cha-Om Talay, Tom Ka etc.

Now, to the most important part of the meal! The main course has a wide array of dishes to choose from like the delicious Choochee scallops in which pan-seared scallops are cooked in rich red curry sauce and makrut leaves or the Khua Kling made of dry meat or tofu curry with lots of kaffir lime leaves, birds eye chillies and tender peppercorn. Also dishes like Hormok poo, steamed crab meat mousse with Thai sweet basil and kaffir lime leaves, and Tom Ka.

If you have space for dessert, then choose from Sakoo Piak Maprow which is sweetened sago served with tender coconut flakes and cubed cantaloupes, and  Khanom Kluay which is steamed banana cupcake served with vanilla ice cream.

Now that we have tempted you well, make your reservations as soon as you can!  Call 24322640 to make your reservations.


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