Bring The Magic Of Indigo Deli At Your Home In Mumbai

Bring The Magic Of Indigo Deli At Your Home In Mumbai

Indigo Deli has begun a delivery service in Mumbai and boy we sure got excited on hearing this! We got to their website to order from their scrumptious spread and set a delivery time. The service is efficient as we got our food at the specified time and here’s how our experience was.

Indigo Deli Comes Home

We loved how the food was packaged as there was no sign of any leakage of oil, dips and so on. Tissues and disposable cutlery came along with the bag of food from Indigo Deli and that encouraged us to dig in right away. We had ordered Seriously Sloppy Joe Sandwich, Deli Roast Chicken, Grilled Vegetables Spiced and Baked Potato with Sour Cream. A tad partial to potatoes of any kind, we opened the baked potatoes first. We loved the smoky appeal of the potato baked along with the peel and the righteous sour cream. So good!

Next up was the chicken that came with a side of mashed potatoes and we had ordered an extra side of the spicy vegetables. The trio was a complete meal in itself. The chicken was well cooked and well-seasoned. We enjoyed the lightly steamed spicy vegetables along with the chicken. The mashed potatoes were creamy in texture and were also cooked to perfection.

After enjoying a classic European meal, we moved on to the sloppiness of Joe, the sandwich! The chicken stuffing in the sandwich was oh so delish and we loved it! The barbecue flavours were on point giving a delish flavour with the melted cheddar. The pungent mustard along with the sandwich was terrific too!

We’re sure you’re tempted to get your hands on the delicious food at Indigo Deli. But if you’re feeling lazy, remember that it’s only a phone call away!

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