Bring Food From Home Is Railways’ Answer To The Bad Food Served To Passengers

With all the questioning and complaining about the quality of railway food, and with the many issues that have been on the rise, the railway board chairman, A K Mittal’s solution to the problems is to carry food from homes instead of being dependent on railway pantry.

“Carry home-cooked food as quality-wise there is no alternative to such food,” Mittal advised passengers when he was questioned about the recent events that unfurled regarding the quality of food like the scathing report by CAG, reporting that the railway food is unfit for human consumption and finding a lizard in the food on the Poorva Express. He also added that “We are aware of the problems being faced by the passengers due to compromises being made by the contractors with the quality of food.

The Indian Railway has to cater to almost 15 lakh passengers every day and finds it difficult to do so. In order to ensure the availability of clean and healthy food, they are preparing its base kitchens, which is expected to become operational within a year.