This Bride and Her Bridesmaids Carried Donut Bouquets And It Was Epic!
September 13, 2017
Christina George (1184 articles)

This Bride and Her Bridesmaids Carried Donut Bouquets And It Was Epic!

When planning a wedding (yours, or someone else’s, it’s all relative) it’s important that everything is planned to perfection. After all, the devil is in the details! This bride was lucky enough to have the perfect bouquet – because nothing says everlasting love like donuts.

Paige Kirk and her three bridesmaids carried the delicious (and might I add, gorgeous) donuts instead of flowers for her wedding on Saturday. The bouquet came from Dessert Boxes, which ran a competition earlier this year to find a bride who wanted to carry the bouquets at their wedding.

“When we spoke to Paige, we knew she was our winner,” a spokeswoman for the company told BuzzFeed News. “She was so fun and light-hearted, and we knew she’d rock the bouquets as she walked down the aisle.”

In fact, Paige kept the news of the bouquets secret from her bridal party. “My bridal party was so excited when they found out they were walking down the aisle with donuts,” Kirk said in a statement. “My husband and I wanted to have fun at our wedding and we figured, why not have donuts? Everyone loves donuts.”

Truer words have never been spoken, Paige!


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Christina George

Christina George

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