Brick Burger In The Philippines Is A Lego Themed Restaurant Of Our Dreams

Themed restaurants are all the rage and we’re definitely on board with any place that has something new and exciting to deliver. So obviously finding this Lego restaurant is the gift that keeps on giving.

Jergs Correa in the Philippines opened a Lego themed restaurant in Pasig City six months ago and people can’t stop talking about it. We don’t blame them either because look at those burgers! The restaurant serves 10 different kinds of burgers, where the buns resemble the stackable colourful toy bricks that most of us used when we were kids.

Called Brick Burger, customers can get almost anything in their burgers from mac and cheese to bacon bits with caramelised onions and barbeque sauce and so much more. Even if you’re not a fan of burgers (because who isn’t!?) just being around these burgers is a good enough time. Everyone in the world is a fan of Lego, so this is clearly a treat for the ages.

While there is no official affiliation with Lego, they did tweet in response to one of the burgers being shared on social media. But let’s be clear that Correa isn’t calling his restaurant ‘Lego Burgers’, the stackable blocks are automatically identified as “Lego” since it took up most of our childhoods, but it can also be just seen as bricks.