Brewing More Than Coffee at The Brew Room’s Pizza Fest

The Brew Room on Ecr has it all. Long drive, beautiful decor, the best brews and now, Pizza. 

Let that sink in. 

We walked into the familiar smell of fresh coffee one fine afternoon. The Brew Room has always brought with it some lovely decor and once again we weren’t disappointed. 

BR 11-01

We started off with coffee (of course). We had a Thai Cold Coffee and a Swiss Chocolate Smoothie. Divine- cannot even begin to cover it. And one a hot day like this one, what choice did we have! 

BR 10-01

BR 9-01

As we took in the ambience, we were invited to the kitchen to actually see the magic. And what magic that turned out to be! (Read: Watch the video again)

We chose to have two half-and half pizzas- 

1st half: Formaggi:

Four brilliant cheeses work hand in hand to give your taste-buds the time of their lives. The blue cheese added the perfect punch! 

BR 5-01

2nd Half Siciliana:

The Siciliana starts you off with sharp olives, lets you slide on some cheese and finishes off with the zing of tomatoes and capers. 

BR 4-01

3rd Half Diavola:

Pepperoni. The end. 

BR 7-01

4th Half Roast Chicken: 

The Roast Chicken proves to us again and again; that when chicken and parmesan get together- it’s a party in there. 

BR 6-01

For dessert we had the Banana Cake with Nutella Frosting and Mocha Buttercream– both could not have been more heavenly and we stopped only because the dessert compartment in our stomachs was going into a food coma. 

The Pizza Fest is definitely worth a visit- are you listening, Valentine? No matter which pizza you choose, it will be served on a crust sent down from heaven.