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A Brewery in Florida Is Developing Beers Exclusively For Women


Meet High Heel Brewing, making beers just for women by women.

This craft beer venture in Florida are selling their beers in ‘stylish packaging’ with names like Slingback Perry Ale and Too Hop’d to Handle IPA. “There’s plenty of women out there who would say [a women-owned brewery] is an overdue idea,” Kristi McGuire told USA Today.

McGuire, an alum of Anheuser-Busch and a former craft beer industry consultant, says that High Heel Brewing aims to tap into the sought after women’s beer market. And they’re not alone. Popular beer brand Coors rebranded their Coors Light last year to appeal to women. Women have been ignored by the beer brands in the past, because it’s never assumed that women do drink beer. And a company called ChickBeer has slightly more overt tactics to get the attention of women by dressing up their bottles in pink and black dresses.

The packaging is quite eye-catching, but whether or not it will catch the attention of women is still up for debate.