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BrewDog’s Cutting Edge Beer Will Be Moving Across Cities Soon



BrewDog, an independent Scotland-based craft beer brewery, will start producing beer at a U.S. site, the firm declared after announcing a £6 million ($9.17 million) mini-bond sale. The beer giant has begun taking steps toward opening a new bar in York city-centre. The company has handed over an application for license to City of York Council. This pub plans to turn into a large bar and has stated in its application to “sell alcohol until 1am on Friday and Saturday nights and midnight every other night, with the bar closing half an hour after last orders.”

BrewDog had initially announced on their website, “It’s a fantastic size and we are thrilled to finally get a bar site sorted for this true city of beer. Stay tuned for more!”, and this definitely got buzzing. But the buzz doesn’t end there as The Scottish company, that came about in 2007, announced its purchase of a 42-acre site in Columbus, Ohio, where they intend to build a 200 barrel production facility. “(The U.S.) is a fantastic craft brew market,” BrewDog co-founder James Watt told CNBC. “It’s really tough for us to service that market from Scotland due to the system and the time it takes to get beer there. We are excited to be making our beers in America hopefully sometime late summer next year.” “It’s just continuing to explode so I think the prospects for craft beer in the U.K. are fantastic and it is a really good time to be drinking beer and making beer,” he added.

Wyatt said the industry of craft beer is “partially exciting” and on that note he plans for the facility to allow BrewDog to export craft beer to key markets in Canada and South America.