Now You Can Wake And Bake With This New Weed Infused Coffee

Marijuana has been in the news for it’s medicinal properties – including helping alleviate Parkinson’s tremors – and it’s even been suggested that it could assist alcoholics in giving up drinking. As a result, The drug has already been decriminalised for medicinal and/or recreational use in some states of America.

Thanks to this legalization of marijuana, America has seen a plethora of cannabis infused goodies – weed infused beer, nutella cannabis chocolate spread, and weed infused wine to name a few. Riding the wave of marijuana legalization is California based start-up BrewBudz with their THC kissed single-brew coffee pods. Rumour is that these coffee pods are compatible with the Keurig coffee makers which millions of Americans already have in their kitchens. 

weed infused coffee

The BrewBudz Pods

The Brewbudz pods are filled with a mixture of coffee and actual cannabis flower, rather than an extract or oil. There is a recreational pod with 10 mg of THC, while medical users can start their day with a cup containing between 25 to 50 milligrams of CBD. For those of you in the dark, CBD or Cannabidiol, is a less-psychoactive cannabis compound than THC and is the compound largely responsible for marijuana’s medicinal properties.

The coffee pods come in regular or decaf, and there’s more – they have also got weed infused hot chocolate pods and a few varieties of weed infused tea — black, green, and chamomile.


Incase it’s on your mind, don’t worry, not all the pods will mellow you out. Who wants to feel mellow and ready to relax after their first cup of coffe, anyway? The coffee and caffeinated tea are paired with sativa strains of weed, generally considered more energizing, while the nighttime tea pods include indica strains which are better for relaxation and to induce sleep.

These pods priced at around $7 a piece are 100 percent compostable, while they resemble plastic, they are actually made from recycled coffee beans. Go green, literally!