The Brew and Barbeque Is Reimagined Over A 22,000 sq ft Space

The Brew and Barbeque has recently been reimagined as Bangalore’s largest microbrewery space covering 22,000 sq feet and, by golly, we were impressed with the size of it! The launch night was a flurry of freshly brewed beer, music, comedy and even a fashion show by Ramesh Dembla with our very own Jackie Shetty as showstopper!

Speaking at the launch, Mr Prasanna Kumar, CEO & Managing Partner, The Brew & Barbeque says, “We are proud to say that we are one of the biggest microbrewery pubs in Bangalore and are very excited about the launch. The décor is given much attention and promises to give a Texan bar feel. At B&B we have an array of authentic handcrafted brews and re-enforcing our commitment to providing the best to our customers, we have now launched the complete bar and handcrafted food menu which will satiate the beverage and food cravings of the city’s people and give them an amazing experience.”

Our favourite thing about the Brew and Barbeque is the three different spaces, all available under one roof to perfectly suit your mood! There’s a live-sports screening area, for all those sports buffs. If you feel like challenging your mates in a game of pool this is a place for you.

The mini-concert section is meant for live music and concerts, this area has a dedicated seating capacity of 100 people so you can rave away to your favourite bands and live performances while not being disrupted by those who just came in for a quiet bite.

Of course, there’s an outdoor area for those of you who enjoy having a cigarette and cool pint which is luckily next to the pool table so you won’t have to move far for your nicotine fix. Sip on a stout from their recently opened microbrewery, or order a cold wheat beer, if that’s more your fancy while munching on some delicious barbeque which you even keep an eye on yourself, courtesy of the glass walls which allow you to check on your meaty (or veggie) delights.

If you’re craving a cool craft beer after a long day of working at one of the many offices on Outer Ring Road, then the Brew and Barbeque is the perfect place to relax without having to make a long commute into town. Not to forget, it’s a three in one winner!