Brett Lee Is Brand Ambassador For Life Health Foods New Almond Milk

Former Australian cricketer Brett Lee has become the brand ambassador for Life Health Foods’ new product, Almond Fresh in India. Brett Lee’s association with Life Health Foods is understandable as its parent company is Australian. Life Health Foods India produces and markets healthy products like soy milk.

Almond Fresh India

Almond Fresh is packaged almond milk, made with Californian almonds and is a source of calcium and vitamin D. It will be available in natural, chocolate and vanilla flavours in 100 and 200 ml packets.


Almond milk is a healthy milk alternative which is popular among the lactose intolerant and vegans. In a press release where he discussed the products, Rohit Bhagat, the business head of Life Health Foods said “Traditionally, almonds have always been popular in our culture for their richness and nutritive value. We are sure almond milk will also earn a deserving spot on the Indian breakfast table. Almond Fresh with its fabulous taste will appeal to a rising segment of health-conscious Indians. With the launch of this product, we hope to move a step forward in creating healthy future generations of India.” He added; ““The formulation and technology for making almond milk has been designed with the support and careful oversight from the Australian parent company.”

Bhagat also commented that Almond Fresh adds to Life Health Foods’ reputation as a major player in the ready to drink dairy alternative category, adding that non-dairy alternatives are growing at 20% year on year.


Commenting on his role as the brand ambassador of Almond Fresh., Lee said ““I am passionate about healthy products that taste great and it’s exciting to see almond milk now available in India. I encourage people young and old to try this great new health drink which is a good source of calcium and vitamin D with lower calories than dairy milk.”