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Breakfast Story – Table Top Dosa Making Machine


“That is one of the best Dosa I had in my life” My wife kept telling me and wanted me to accompany her to the restaurant in Krishnagiri. After some contemplation finally on a weekend morning we decided to go for it. After two hours of drive from Bangalore we finally reached Krishnagiri. But to our utter dismay only one broken board of the restaurant was there. Upon inquiry we were informed that the restaurant has been permanently closed due to labour issues.

Labour issue in food industry is a common phenomenon. With your cook being changed the whole taste of your food changes. I remember visiting to one of the reputed hotel in Bangalore and was told “We don’t have 29% of regular foods on menu today as our kitchen expert isn’t well”.

By then we were super hungry so on our way back to Bangalore we decided to stop at the next available restaurant. The next restaurant we stopped was “Sarvana Bhava” (Not “Saravana Bhavan” the popular tamilnadu chain Restaurant). Just like the name even the Dosa was absolutely not up to the mark but somehow we survived.

There have been many such disaster stories any foodie can relate to. Food is source of life. For every living being food is the basic necessity. Since it plays such a significant role in our life, we have a pattern of what to eat? When to eat? How to eat? Similarly cooking also has a pattern. What to cook? When to cook? How to cook? If even a small change in the pattern is followed the taste and food completely changed.

For every kilometre the food is different and yet similar across the globe. Among the variety of food we consume, there is fermented food which is quite famous across globe. I am not only talking about the obvious (which is Bread), but also other food items which are fermented before getting cooked or serve

Fermented varieties Of Dosa

Fermented varieties of flour are used across the globe to make delicious dishes. Apart from bread one of the most popular dishes which are made out of fermentation is “Dosa”.

“Dosa” has many cousins across globe. In India itself it has many names and forms. Appam/enduri pitha/Chakuli pitha are the domestic versions of dosa. Injera, Kenkey/Kormi/Kokea/Dorkunu are some of the popular dishes outside India which are basically different variety of Dosa.

Dosas are one of the best delicacies that almost everyone loves eating. However, not everyone has the skill to work on it as that requires little bit of knowhow, like the consistency of batter, technique of spreading onto pan and controlling the temperature. Everything must be perfect. But, making the perfect dosa which not only tastes good but also looks perfect is a tough task.

Lets Go Chef Free With Dosa Matic

But then I visited IDC (Idli & Dosa Cafe) in HSR Bangalore (Idli & Dosa Cafe – Revive Your Taste Buds) and came to know about #DosaMatic. The World’s First Tabletop Dosa Making Machine. How it works is simply a muse to the observer. All you will need to do is fill the batter, oil & water into the respective tanks. Then on the keypad panel, set the desired thickness & roast level. With one click of a button, the batter spreads automatically, sets the pan temperature to the roast level. Then automatically adds required amount of oil and peels the Dosa. Time taken to make one Dosa is just one minute.

The time, hygiene and the skilled labour with #Dosamatic, all these factors are taken care of. The stress of losing time, untidy cooking is completely eliminated. One more specific factor to note is losing out on the perfect consistency of the Dosa. The probability of a Dosa getting burnt is nil. Setting a standard to the Dosa is made possible only with #DosaMatic.

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Mukunda Foods

One thing which crossed my mind is “How many successful food making machines can one recall when the term “automatic” is tossed?” ‘Not many’ would be the answer. Trying to find the reason to this, I came across the fact that people of the world are unaware of the benefits one gets on a greater scale on automating the process of food making. Hence, here “Mukunda Foods” introduce you to the wonderful world of Automatic Food Making Machines and their benefits!!

For hoteliers, Restaurants around Bangalore, one can also take this machine on rent at price of as low as 10 INR per dosa. To buy/rent you can reach out to them on +91 6360910825









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