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What Bread Type Are You? #POLL


Recently Twitter lost its mind over a bread-based personality test. There was nothing special about the test except for the fact that it contained just the right amount of narcissism; categorizing ones personality traits; and the simple fact that it was a meme that is surprisingly inclusive of pretty much every kind of person scrolling their way through Twitter!

Posted by Kelly Blaus, a Florida teen, the meme consists of nine different kinds of breads, each of which has three distinctive qualities. Of course, these are human qualities, not that you’ll end up labelling yourself as crunchy, soft or flaky. Here’s the original post that was tweeted by Blaus – who, by the way claims to be “so croissant it’s not even funny” – earlier this week:

Blaus started receiving tens of mentions on the social media platform, with people identifying themselves with pita bread, French bread, and the rest! So, we want to know which of the aforementioned breads describes you the best. Vote and let us know!

[polldaddy poll=9538273]

Me? I’m one tough bread stick with the sleeping ability of a French bread.


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