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Bread Lovers, Prepare To Fall In Love With This Instagram Account


Time and time again, we’ve seen how Instagram is changing the way we eat and see our food. And now, bread lovers everywhere can stop everything they’re doing to watch every single video posted by Takashi Aizu, because they are beautiful.

For those who don’t know, Takashi Aizu is a Japanese baker who regularly posts videos on Instagram as he makes and bakes his breads. He’s already got over 30,000 followers and each video gets almost 100,000 views. If you’re wondering why, it’s because Takashi is not like other bakers you’ve seen on Instagram.

Takashi uses a specific camera that can be kept in an oven and withstand high temperatures. So he’s able to record the whole baking process as the bread rises, which is a beautiful sight to behold. If you’ve ever wanted to watch the dough heat up, the ingredients bubble up and the bread is formed. And he makes everything from regular bread to Japanese breads and croissants.

Take a look at these hypnotic videos that will make you stop everything instantly.

And some of his delicious finished products too.

Follow him on Instagram (@takashi_aizu) for so much more!