Which Brand Rolls Out The Best Potato Chips? #POLL

Don’t we all love those crunchy potato snacks that manufacturers put in with our pack of air? Kidding! I am aware that all the air (a.k.a. Nitrogen) is essential for keeping the crunch of the potato chips intact, but we really wish that the air too could be snacked on. Anywho, talking more about the chips. And their labels. There is nothing overly fancy about potato chips, a.k.a. wafers. Unless they are mass-produced under the label of popular companies like Lay’s, Pringles, Opera, and the likes.

Thanks to the technological innovation and creative brainstorming, these companies give the wafers a new identity. Who would’ve known that chips flavored with onion and sour cream could taste like a million bucks? That said, all these labels do produce the traditional salted potato chips as well, each label has a different identity. And probably wouldn’t take a wafer expert to tell Lay’s Classic Salted apart from the same flavor by, say, Haldiram’s or Kakaji. Basically, brand identity and product quality are two major factors that help create these labels a consumer base. Which brand’s customer profile do you fall in? Vote for your favorite wafers brand below!

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