Brace Yourself Cake Maniacs For Some Delicious Full Spirited Bakes From Full Spirited Flavours

We all have days when we just want to quit the monotony of our 9-5 job and start something of our own. Something amore interesting like a café, restaurant or a bakery. And then we realize that we have to meet deadlines, and our daydream is shelved. Yet again. But Carole Algier, Sue Katein and Kathy Lanyon – the three full spirited sisters – thought differently.

The sisters transformed their love for baking into a full-fledged business in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania. They saw the recession as a ripe time to start their business and hence came Full Spirited Flavours in May 2009.FullSpiritedLogo 240x240


The Bakery

Full Spirited Flavours was initially rented kitchen space in firehouses and churches. Along with which they began selling their first signature flavor, Amaretto, at local farmers markets.

As sisters and more importantly as business partners Sue, Carole and Kathy compliment each other flawlessly. Each brings a different skill and quality to the baking tray and business that has in turn expanded the business one flavor at a time.11201816_1060850203943208_5066887412173788173_n


The Bakers

Sue has over 35 years of experience in corporate and small business operations development and most importantly she creates all the cake recipes.

Bestowed with over 40 years experience in the food industry via catering and recipe development, Carole utilizes her artistic background that is reflected in the packaging and marketing design.

Kathy with over 30 years of corporate IT experience, is the sisters’ technical advisor and keeps them updated like a Facebook feed.11755125_1106343889393839_596100598363773528_n


The Bakes

The sisters infuse a liqueur glaze into the cakes, using the owners’ family-created infusion system. This unique-infusion process sets the drool inducing cakes above other liqueur cakes from competitors who produce liqueur cakes mainly using alcohol with synthetic flavors.

The use of quality liqueurs and unique infusion process makes these cakes delicious. In addition, they have a tremendous storage life of 3-6 months at room temperature (depending on cake size) and if frozen well then up to one year.11828548_1109847062376855_8734858168238316047_n


The Push

With a keen interest in cakes and bakes, the sisters would often give Amaretto cakes as gifts and their friends and co-workers would push them to start a liqueur cake business.

Interestingly, the Amaretto-infused cake recipe has been refined and kept within the family for over 35 years. Sue was the one who carried this family tradition forward.

With an initial team of three, the business has come a long way and has now employed a number of professionals under it, including a certified co-baker along with seasonal helpers for trade shows, packaging, deliveries, etc.11870883_1113454705349424_166606212410453544_n


Name Game

Drawing inspiration from their lives, the company’s legal name is Full Circle Flavors, LLC as the trio felt they’d come ‘full circle’ in their lives and careers as it all came back to the three of them working together. But due to legal issues, the name could not be registered. So instead, they went for Full Spirited Flavours because we offer “spirited” products and we are definitely “spirited” – no arguing there!

The English spelling was just to ensure that it could be legally registered name.

Fascinatingly enough, the cakes were initially called and are still widely known as “Prosperity Cakes” because the sisters felt that the cakes had brought them a great amount of sisterly love and wealth during a time of economic decline. The founders believe that these cakes will help spread prosperity to others as well. Well, a nice rich slice would definitely help our palates prosper!22723_1055868541108041_6575024322904932431_n


Baking Soon

The company is aiming for the restaurant and food service sector with little to no competition in the same. Speaking of the retail end, they are competing with small companies that have a minimal line of liqueur cakes.

With outlets at New Jersey that deliver to Virginia and Missouri, Full Spirited Flavours delivers all over the United States via website sales. So there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t dive into one of their divine bakes.11947618_1127311590630402_310505728788079334_n

Despite having faced with many hurdles on their way, the triad refuses to let the spirit fizzle down. With a strong belief in the saying “team work makes dream work”, they plan a massive expansion that will include new lines.

The team wants to get their cakes reach thousand of more people. And we couldn’t imagine why not!11539613_1089415617753333_3504114314807096821_n