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Boyfriend Who Ate “Kit Kat Wrong” Pulls Off The Best Proposal


Let’s get one thing clear, there is a right way and wrong way to eat a Kit Kat. Last month Haley Byrd’s world (probably) shattered when she discovered that her boyfriend at the time, Evan Wilt had absolutely no idea how to eat a Kit Kat.

Unsurprisingly, the tweet went viral with random strangers on the internet (it’s always random strangers on the internet) deciding that it was a truly dump-worthy offense (some people eat pizza with a knife and fork, THAT is something to get dumped over). However, Haley stuck by her man and was rewarded with the best proposal involving, you guessed it, Kit Kat!

With a little help from Kit Kat, Evan popped the question to Haley courtesy of a 3D printed Kit Kat and she said yes!

Haley also confirmed that Evan still doesn’t know how to eat a Kit Kat. Now, how about a lifetime supply of Kit Kats for the happy couple Kit Kat?

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