Box8 Plans To Expand Its Reach and Increase Its Employees By Year End

After raising Rs. 21 crore in funding in May, delivery service Box8 has announced that it will be expanding into ten cities by the end of the year. Currently operating in Mumbai, Box8 is a service that delivers wholesome boxes of food.

What sets it apart?

While there’s no dearth of tiffin delivery services in the city, Box8 is unique in that it operates on demand. It also prepares food at various delivery units, which ensures freshness. Additionally, it boasts of an experienced collection of chefs who have previously worked with ITC and Marriott hotels.


“The entire product preparation is broken down into multiple steps and designed meticulously to ensure consistency, scalability and great experience in delivery. For instance, only skilled independent processes are done at the outlet (which do not require any cooking on gas) to ensure consistency in each order,” said Amit Raj, one of the founders of Box8 to YourStory.

The origins

Amit Raj and Anshul Gupta, both from IIT started Box8’s predecessor Poncho in 2011. Until 2012, Poncho served Mexican meals. In July 2012, it expanded its menu and rebranded itself as Box8. It aims to provide quick, healthy delivery meals with an Indian touch for the urban customer.


The future

“We have tested our services in our first market Mumbai since January last year, and will expand our operations to 10 cities by the year-end,” said Raj to PT, adding “our employee count is about 500, including delivery staff in Mumbai. We will increase that as well by the year end, and will scale up to at least 600 employees in every city in the coming year.” He also added that they aim to double the strength of their core team, which is currently at 45 employees.

The company will begin services in Chennai next month, followed by NCR. It will then look to Bangalore and Pune.