Bogeto Café – The Home To Delightful Vegetarian Fusion Dishes

Bogeto Café – The Home To Delightful Vegetarian Fusion Dishes

Tucked away on a street at Grant Road close to the Navjivan Society in town, is a gleefully lit Bogeto Café. Be it the sassy interiors or the warm, delicious food, you’ll love it to bits. Considering vegetarian food a limitation is a big mistake because Bogeto Café is one place that proves anyone with veg or a non-veg palate wrong. Here’s how.

The Ambience

As we opened the doors to Bogeto Café we found the interiors comfortable and brightly lit. The décor had a modern, chic feel to it and the glass panes that gives you a view of the street makes it lively. Disparate though from the hullaballoo of the city noise, you get a quiet place to let go of your tiring day at work and tuck into food that’ll lift you up.

The Food

The vegetarian game is strong in areas like Girgaum Chowpatty and Grant Road itself, so what makes Bogeto Café stand out? It’s got be their fusion delights where they playfully mix food ideas from two separate worlds, add their magic and serve it with all their love.

As humidity was at a high we decided first to sip on a cooler called Masala Peru. Of course, nothing better than a classic combination served in a glass. It was an absolute stunner, just the drink we needed to beat the heat and cleanse our palates.

Next we tried their Molten Mushrooms which did actually melt in our mouth. Filled with cheese and the soft bite of the mushroom made for a beautiful combination. We were also excited to try out their Bisse Bille Araancinni served with a spicy chutney on the side. Crunchy, crispy Italian arancini filled spicy classic Indian Bisse Belle is a match made in heaven. You must try this if you love an Indian palate and have an Italian heart.

What intrigued us the most was their Thepla Toquitos which were a take on Spanish Taquitos but the crepe was made of thepla. Delicious Mexican flavours that sang well with the herb-filled thepla topped with melted cheese. Yum!

A Manchow Soup we relished before the main course was lip-smacking good. Not too overly spicy or gingery like it tends to be in most places in Mumbai, this one was simply appetizing. For our mains we chose to go with a Lemon Chilly Coriander Stir Fry with Rice. Quite an oriental dish, soft notes of flavours, perfect for a rainy evening.

Last but definitely not the least we tried their Banoffee Waffles for desserts which was served with heavenly toffee sauce, genuine helpings of bananas and a cherry on top. Perfect way to end or even begin a meal. Bogeto Café left us with a new perspective of how a new spin on food can actually work amazingly well.


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