Why Won’t Bobby Flay Serve Cranberry Martinis This Thanksgiving?

With the arctic winds ready to hit us in our wool-clad selves, it’s time to gear up for the merriest time of the year – the holiday season. While it is truly a joyful time, part hosts around the globe are wondering what to serve their guests this Thanksgiving. Now, we don’t know about the rest of you, but chef Bobby Flay is pretty intent on what he won’t be serving on Thanksgiving.


No More Shaking. Or Stirring.

According to an interview for Food & Wine, the Iron Chef America judge won’t be shaking – or stirring – up cranberry martinis this season, even though it was one of his favourite cocktails to serve at one point of time.

“I used to make cranberry martinis, but I don’t anymore because people get fucked up on those. It’s basically just red vodka. It’s a bad idea. By 6:30 pm, people are like, walking into walls”, he explained.

While that’s a great way to go about things, especially if you’ve worked super hard on putting together a lavish Thanksgiving meal and want people to enjoy it instead of binging on the food as munchies, you could serve alcohol and not have your guests “walking into walls”. How? For starters, pair the drinks with some savoury appetizers or you could serve some less poisonous cocktails. Here are some options to choose from.


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