BMC To Provide Nutritious Food To TB Patients

The civic health department under the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is all set to provide nutritious food to the patients of Tuberculosis (TB). According to the report by the Free Press Journal, a nutritious food ration will be given in the first two months of treatment to the drug-resistant TB patients who need to be registered in the Directly Observed Treatment (DOTS) centres.

Nourishment For TB Patients

BMC To Provide Nutritious Food To TB Patients

“If a person is suffering from TB, then the first two months are most essential and that is why we plan to give a ration of two months to the patients. In ration, we are planning to provide lentils, rice, gram flour, nuts and jaggery. The nutritious ration between 8 to 9 kg each month will be given at the DOTS centres,” said Dr Daksha Shah, head of the BMC TB Control Department while talking to the Free Press Journal.

The budget for this food ration is Rs.1.2 crore in which not only the food ration but also a hygiene kit will be given to the patients so that the infection doesn’t spread, a senior official told the publication. “Once state government approved the proposal, soon hundreds of drug-resistant patients would be benefited. As if the scheme becomes successful, then it might be extended to all other TB patients who are taking first-level of DOTS treatment,” added the senior official.

Why Is This Nutritious Food Necessary

BMC To Provide Nutritious Food To TB Patients

The patients suffering from TB are infected by a bacteria that lowers their immunity leaving them prone to other infections and diseases. Also, the WHO guidelines state that TB can grow if the patient is lacking nutrition in their diet. Thus, this makes the consumption of nutritious food for a TB patient of utmost necessity.

The hygiene kit included in the provision by the civic health department will include surgical masks, hand sanitizers and chemical to maintain hygiene for people who visit or are around the TB patients. “The civic health department has decided to provide nutritious foods in form of ration to these patients who registered in the DOTS centres for their treatment,” said Dr Shah while talking to the Free Press Journal.