Australia, It’s Mutant Day! Burgers Go Blue-Daa-Boo-Dee-Daa-Boo-Daa

Australia has been taking the culinary world by surprise lately from charcoal buns and quadruple patties to hamdogs, ramen burgers and everything in between. And if that was the craziest you thought it could get, think again! Bright blue burgers are here to fulfil your insatiable hunger for weird food. That’s right, bright blue! 


In order to celebrate the launch of the X:Men-Apocalypse Blu-Ray DVD, and digital download tomorrow, 20th Century Fox has teamed up with the burgermasters at Ribs & Burgers to create a one-off Mutant Burger — a blue bun, chilli, chicken and blue cheese sauced monstrosity that looks delicious. Errr, or not. You decice!

At all Ribs & Burgers stores across Australia, the 28th of September is Mutant Day — and this particular burger will be on the menu, as well as available for delivery to nearby areas through Deliveroo. Get your Mutant burger as soon as you can, for this bizzare blue bunned bite will be available for a limited period of a week! 

Hurry, get blue or go blue!