Blue Frog is hitting all the right food notes in Bangalore

Froggy Frog Times

For years, we have heard about the legend of Blue Frog. Mumbai-kers couldn’t stop talking about it, Delhi-ites were gushing over Blue Frog and then there was us, wallowing in our self-pity. Then one fine day, we passed by Church Street and saw a board that lit up our eyes – Blue Frog was coming to Bangalore!

Oh, the joy, the excitement. The music-lovers in us were overjoyed. We had a premier destination for all our music needs. Blue Frog has established itself as being both a platform for emerging and established artists as well as space for music-lovers to connect and share their love for music while listening to some of their favourite artists.


The Space:

We went by Blue Frog last week to determine whether the legends had got it right. We walked in through the unassuming entrance which opened up to a beautiful outdoor space meant for smokers and days where you would like a bit of sun. The outdoor space had pods reminiscent of the famous Mumbai Blue Frog photos that lit up in colours of blue and red at night. We walked in to the indoor space and were greeted by a beautiful bar on the left hand side and the famous stage on the right. The interiors are stylish, classy with high ceilings that have life of their own. No, we aren’t imagining things, the cielings have pods running through them that light up according to the colour scheme of the night adding an effect like no other.


We had a chat with Zeishah Amlani, head of PR and Social Media at Blue Frog – Bangalore, and had a lovely time talking music and well, food, of course. Zeishah informed us that the interiors and design of the space was done by the same people behind Blue Frog Mumbai, Delhi and Pune ensuring the high standards set by Blue Frog were followed everywhere. The acoustics have been specially designed to ensure that the sound quality remains same no matter where you stand in the room.


The Grub:

The menu at Blue Frog is similar to the ones in Mumbai and Delhi sans a few items added for that special South Indian touch. Zeishah happily tells us that one of her favourite dishes is a Banana Leaf Wrapped Fish which is also a fast-seller. We ordered the Naanza just because we haven’t had it from anywhere else. What is a Naanza? It’s known as the frog’s secret pizza that uses the classic Indian naan as the base and has pizza toppings! Yes, sounds good? Well, it was better than we ever imagined. The Naan was surprisingly crunchy enough and the chicken with cheddar and mozrella together was hitting all the right notes. For our beverage, we ordered a Heaven which is a chocolate shake with salted caramel and chocolate brownie. One sip, and the only thing that popped in my mind was how apt the name was. If ever there was a piece of heaven on earth, it was in this glass of salted caramel, chocolate ice cream and chocolate brownie. We sipped religiously.


The Drinks:

Blue Frog has an interesting guzzle option called The Mega Frog which is basically a one litre bottle similar to the one you would carry if you were going cycling or jogging except this has a whole different function. The Mega Frog contains a cocktail based on a liquer of your choice with options of rum, vodka and gin. The bartender will then proceed to fill the one litre bottle with the cocktail and you have your elixir for the night. Come morning might be a whole different feeling, and our Sunday morning was testament to that.


The Mega Frog is priced at just Rs. 1000/- so it’s an excellent option for a Saturday night out you will remember (or not) for a long time to come!

To sum it up, Blue Frog in Bangalore lives up to its legend and more.