Black Rice Kheer, A North Eastern Dessert Now Available At Brew Buddy

We already know that Brew Buddy is a funky tavern blessed with fusion food, craft brews and culinary artistry but this special dish is something that’ll make you and your squad fall in love with it. They have edible Helium Balloons that make your voice squeaky and some other creative and delicious desserts which will leave you with a big smile as a token of acknowledgement.

Added to this list of desserts is the Black Rice Kheer. It is a sweet dish from North East India, which is made by boiling Black rice with milk, sugar, spices, and sometimes nuts and other ingredients until it thickens to be served as a delicacy. The speciality of the dish remains the black rice, which is mainly Grown in Manipur hilly Areas. Initially black in color, when cooked it turns to a deep purple colour, unique to Manipur, this dessert is something you would seldom find elsewhere! Cooked after soaking the rice for a few hours or overnight, the special dish is bound to give you inexplicable feels. Don’t believe us? Try it out at Brew Buddy at the earliest!

Address: SCO-41, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Timings: 12 noon to 12 midnight

Cost: Rs. 385 plus taxes

Validity- Till 30th September’18

For reservations: 880001563