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Bite Size- But Has Everything For a Healthier Lifestyle


Watch the Bite Size Documentary on Vimeo. 

While one in every three children in the United States is obese, what everybody needs is Bite Size (d). The documentary by Corbin Billings tells of a journey of four teens who are battling with obesity. It doesn’t tell you their problems, but it does tell of their struggles. It will tug at your heart strings in many a scene- towards the end of the trailer even, as the trainer reads out the names that these kids have been called and tears up. 

“We aren’t a ‘Biggest Loser’ kind of documentary, we aren’t looking to shame anyone. It’s a movie for kids and about kids. We get the emotional struggle these kids go through. You have to love yourself to want to lose weight and make that change. My line of thinking was, if you emotionally invest in these kids, suddenly it becomes a motivation factor in your own life. ‘Well, if they can do it, so can I,’”  says Billings. 

Out of the four, one fights diabetes by joining a football camp, another picks up dance and a third joins the YMCA. 

Real kids, fighting the battle of a lifetime.

The Vimeo version is available on Vimeo on demand. Watch the trailer while you’re waiting.