Bite Into New York, Tel Aviv And London Chocolate Maps

Tamtik is brand founded by two mothers and friends. Liat Zvi is an environmentalist and a former ad executive and Anat Errell is a product manager and they have made the chocolate maps of New York, Tel Aviv and London possible. The citizens of the US can pledge $1 to vote for a chocolate map of their city.

The project is in collaboration with Nisnas Indstries based in Israel which specializes in lifestyle products like cigar tubes, flasks, tables, and bags. The campaign is 12-day old now and has raised over $3500 and the goal is to reach $10,000. The rules are these: $1 for a pledge and vote of a chocolate map of the city, $2 for an online tasting session on the company’s next flavour and $50 for one chocolate map of the city.

The chocolate maps will be handmade by Tamtik’s local partners. Say if one picks Colorado, the chocolate will be made by the locals of that city. The packaging is also supposed to be eye-catching and the chocolates are to be sent to the buyers during winter.

Image Courtesy: Food and Wine