Bisous Gourmet’s Brownies Are Like A Warm Hug That You’ve Been Waiting For

Started two months ago when Subikka and Mohitha moved from Bengaluru to Chennai, Bisous Gourmet is exactly the sweet spot that the city was looking for. In a country where there’s a Macaron Queen and everyone is making cheesecakes and custom birthday cakes, it’s nice to see that someone is making a dessert that is usually not thought of in such terms. We’re talking about brownies.

According to many, it was developed in the United States towards the end of the 19th century and popularised there before it spread to other parts of the world. For those who have never eaten a brownie and for those that have, it can be considered a merging of a cake and a cookie, because it’s soft on the inside, but the crumbly crunchy texture on the outside.

But we digress. Bisous Gourmet is the latest in dessert offerings in Chennai. Delicious brownies that are perfect for any day of the year, and can be eaten with almost anything at all, it makes it the perfect snack or dessert or you could just have a brownie for breakfast tomorrow. So when we caught up with Subikka and Mohitha to talk about the brownies and what it takes to make such delicious brownies, we were also treated to some samples.

Bisous Gourmet’s Brownies Are Like A Warm Hug That You’ve Been Waiting For Photo

Bisous means ‘kisses’ in French and when talking about choosing that name for the company, Subikka said, “For some reason I always liked French and when you eat this it’s like someone is giving you hugs and kisses. Such a warm feeling. So named it Nisous.” A truly warm feeling indeed when you take a bite of each of these delicious brownies that she’s got available at this moment. Subikka always wanted to study baking and cooking in France, but when that wasn’t feasible, she decided to take matters into her own hands and start baking. As you can imagine, she didn’t find the perfect recipe instantly. “We tried so many recipes, I tweaked them and finally got this one right. And I thought, ‘I should sell it and everyone should get a taste of it,” she told us. As a big brownie fan, one can understand why it’s important to find that perfect recipe to make the ultimate brownie.

After working in Bangalore for a few years, Subikka made the decision to move back to Chennai and set up shop. All her brownies are chocolate based (as they should be) and she gets “locally sourced good quality chocolate and not just the regular kind” right here in the city of Chennai. “To make a batch, it takes one and a half hours. I make small batches, otherwise you lose out on flavour when you do it in bulk and a batch would get you 12 pieces,” Subikka said when she explained her baking process. Even though she’s experimenting and creating new flavours all the time, her favourite is still the classic intense brownie.

Bisous Gourmet’s Brownies Are Like A Warm Hug That You’ve Been Waiting For Photo 2

Just recently, Subikka introduced four new flavoured brownies and all of them will blow your mind. There’s the Cheesecake Brownie (which is very different from a Brownie Cheesecake) simply because the brownie is still the focus, “There’s a layer of cheesecake, the brownie and then cheesecake swirls.” And then there’s also the Coconut Brownie which is “a version of the German Chocolate Cake, which has a coconut layer filling and I’ve tried to bring that into this.” The other flavours are the Caramelised Blondie (which uses white chocolate) and a Caramel Brownie, along with the original Intense Brownie.

New flavours are coming! Subikka wouldn’t give us any hints except that this new flavour will be available next week and will be perfect for Diwali gifting. The brownies are made in batches, but packed individually, so that it’s perfect to add in a hamper or a goodie bag or just as a simple gift. And she also does more than just brownies. If you give her enough time, she can make birthday cakes, tea cakes and Madeleines. You can either place the order through her Facebook page or find the Bisous Gourmet brownies at Amma Nanna on Chamiers Road. The Intense Brownie is Rs. 80, while the flavoured brownies are Rs. 100 per piece.

Bisous Gourmet’s Brownies Are Like A Warm Hug That You’ve Been Waiting For Photo 3
Mohitha and Subikka of Bisous Gourmet

Chennai has been starved for really good brownies and the solution is finally here and here to stay! Subikka’s passion is clear and her love for what she does is there in every brownie and every bite you take. Make sure you place your order today!