Bisleri Packaged Water To Be Distributed Across The UAE

Bisleri, one of India’s most loved packaged water brands has stepped into the UAE. The brand already has a presence across seven emirates where it is stocked in almost 1000 retail stores.

The Bisleri Story

Bisleri was launched in Mumbai in 1965 and quickly went on to be distributed across the country.

In 1991, the brand introduced the 20 Litre jar and in 2000 the ‘bada’ (1.2 litre) pack.


According to the Bisleri website, the brand’s vision is to “be the dominant player in the branded water business where the second player is less than 20% of our business. Also, we must expand and be a leader in the premium beverage category.”

Bisleri Goes Abroad

As a part of the mission to expand its reach, Bisleri has announced its plans to distribute in the UAE.


Ramesh Chauhan, CMD, Bisleri International, said, “Bisleri is the No. 1 mineral water brand in India having more than 60% share in India. It was the first water brand in India, launched in the 60s. And till today, people ask for Bisleri instead of bottled water. So clearly our USP is our brand heritage. It is now introduced in gulf through an association with Korus, which specialises in launching fast moving consumer brands in F&B markets. We already have a strong emotional appeal among the Indian diaspora and with our premium quality bottle, sweet ground water and differentiated colour we are sure to appeal to the cosmopolitan population of the UAE.”

He added: ” The next step is to increase distribution across the different channels — retail, hotels, restaurants and cafeterias. As with every new brand, this will be a step-wise process and will take its required time.”

The brand plans to have a distribution in over 4,500 stores by the end of 2017.