Bisleri Launches New Fizzy Drink, ‘Bisleri Pop’

Bisleri’s plans to re-enter the soft drinks market made news a few weeks ago, and the company confirmed the rumors today with the launch of ‘Bisleri Pop’. In a statement released by the company, Bisleri confirmed the launch of four varieties of fizzy drink products, Bisleri Limonata, Bisleri Fonzo, Bisleri Pina Colada and Bisleri Spyci. 

Product Launch

Bisleri has re-entered the soft drinks market after nearly 20 years when it sold the company’s soft drink brands, Thums Up, Limca, Citra and Gold Spot to Coca Cola. Bisleri has developed the new products over a period of a year with research and testing. The company hopes that the new range of fizzy drinks will give its customers a unique experience in the crowded carbonated drinks sector in the country.


Unique Flavours

Speaking about the launch of the new products, Ramesh Chauhan, Chairman of Bisleri, said, “Our wide market reach along with our strong brand reputation gives us an added advantage. Bisleri Pop has products with flavours which are distinctive and different from any other drinks available in the market.” Bisleri will be launching full-fledged digital campaigns to market the new products and appeal to the growing number of carbonated beverage drinkers in the country. 


Bisleri Pop will be launched across different cities in four different flavours, Limonata, Fonzo, Pina Colada and Spycie and will be priced at Rs. 10 for 220 ml bottle, Rs. 15 for 300ml bottle and Rs. 20 for 250ml can.