At Bengaluru Based Food Group Biryani For Life – Biryani Is Life
September 2, 2017
Christina George (1184 articles)

At Bengaluru Based Food Group Biryani For Life – Biryani Is Life

This Eid, it’s safe to say that biryani will be on many a Bangalorean’s mind. Delicious and heavenly, it’s no surprise that biryani has a cult following in the city. However, this group is taking things to the next level. Biryani for Life, started by Raj Keshavraj, a Bengaluru businessman, is a biryani lover’s paradise dedicated to exploring and savouring the different types of biryani in Bengaluru.

Each month the band of biryani lovers will get together to sample the exotic varieties of biryani available in the Garden City. And they’ve already begun, the first meet took place at Broadway – The Gourmet Theatre in HSR Layout where the dedicated group of seven dug into bamboo biryani.

Speaking to The News Minute, Raj said, “I am foodie and almost everyone loves biryani. I have started other groups, such as the Whitefield Happy Club and The Sunday Club. So I thought of starting a group that could meet and try one different variety of biryani, like Hyderabadi, Ambur, Nawabi and Bamboo, once every month.”

“It was a nice experience for all of us. There was chicken, mutton and veg biryani too.” Raj said when quizzed about the initial meetup.

Biryani for life next sets its sights on Parsi biryani, in a lip smacking affair to be held in mid-September. If a biryani group is exactly what you need your life right now, then take the plunge and make biryani your life.

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