This Birthday Cake Just Won A Guinness World Record For The Amount Of Candles It Had

Heads up foodies, because the Guinness World Records has just announced that the record for the ‘most candles on a birthday cake’ has been broken. The record breaking cake had a staggering 72,585 lit candles.

All About The Cake And Its Candles

The cake was made in honour of the late Sri Chinmoy, a mediation teacher who would have been 85. Guinness World Records’ top record breaker, Ahrita Fruman was part of the team which made the cake and lit the candles. In order to break the record, the candles had burnt for 40 seconds.

The cake itself was an 80 foot long vanilla mousse filled sponge cake. The candles were put out with CO2 fire extinguishers, which allowed the participants to feast on it later.

The cake broke the record of an earlier birthday cake which had 50,151 candles.