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Biriyani Making Tips


Here are our top Tips to making a great Biriyani every time !

  1. Always marinate the Meats overnight.

    This impacts the dish greatly. The meats become super tender and absorb the spices beautifully.

  2. Sprinkle a few Mint leaves between each layer.

    While layering the rice and the meat for the biriyani, sprinkle a few mint leaves over each layer of rice. It will leave the tasters wondering what your secret is.

  3. Always use a vessel with a thick base.

    This ensures that the cooking process is even and that the spices do not burn and loose flavour.

  4. Lots and lots of fried onions!

    Whether the recipe you are following recommends this or not, trust us, you should! Adding lots of fried onions to the marinade of the meat, as well as on top of the final dish is a total must. Onions have a way, especially when fried, to impart a rich moreish flavour.

  5. Always dry roast and grind the spices.

    We suggest that you take the time and effort to do this and not use store bought mixes. You will definitely see a better result.

  6. Place a layer of thickly sliced tomatoes at the bottom of the dish.

    Before you layer the biriyani, adding this layer of tomatoes ensures that the bottom layer does not dry out or burn from direct heat. It keeps the moisture going all through the dish and no one is going to complain about some flavourfull roasted tomatoes right?

  7. Ghee.

    Just ghee. Lots of it.Nothing else will do for a perfect biryani. While marinating, sauteing and even for the final flourish at the end.

  8. Milk and Saffron.

    Instead of using warm water to infuse saffron strands, use a little whole milk. Poke holes into the layered biriyani and pour away. Creamy rich decadence.

  9. Fluffy Rice.

    Use the best quality Basmati or Jeerasamba rice (for a South Indian biriyani).Pre-soak 1 kg rice for about an hour and drain. When ready to cook, heat a pot, add 75g ghee (clarified butter), followed by the rice. Sauté for 3-4 minutes. Add 1.5 litres of water, cover and cook till al dente.

  10. Get more meat flavour.

    If you prefer cooking your meat separately rather than frying it, go ahead by all means. Save the leftover cooking water from the meat and use it to cook the rice. Perfection guaranteed!