Claim Your Bira For Just Re 1. At 736 A.D.

A tall glass of golden sizzle with the perfect amount of bubbles layering the top of the glass as foam. While you picture this amazing looking drink in your arms, 736 A.D presents to the world the crazy Beer Fest! A festival of incoming beers for as long as you want, just at Re. 1 for each bottle of Bira you pick. While your glasses are refilled you can rejoice with each and every sip. So hurry visit 736 A.D with your best buddies and claim all your Biras at just Re. 1 each and celebrate the Beer Festival!

Address: G-15/B, Vijay Nagar, New Delhi
Time: 12 noon- 12 midnight
Valid Till: 19th January 
Reservations number: 9953991099,  9953804045


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