Need Some Low Calorie Beer? Bira 91 Light Has Got You Covered!

Bira has been killing in every department for the last year. From their quirky sense of humor (beer for retweets) to their beer for 5 bucks, to rolling out flavors that we need (Bira 91 Light yes!).

We all love the occasional glass of beer. However, what we don’t love is the beer belly that inevitably forms after a few glasses. Lucky for us, Bira 91 has heard our prayers and are rolling out Bira 91 Light which literally only has 90 calories in a 330 ml bottle! Sounds like the stuff of dreams doesn’t it?

The founder, Ankur Jain, said that “Bira 91 Light is the lowest calorie option for any alcoholic beverage in the bar. It is lower than a glass of champagne, much lower than Breezers, wine or cocktails. Its even lower than a glass of milk or orange juice.”

They are also launching a strong variant of their wheat beer (honestly, can they read my mind or what?). So you can get a buzz without drinking as much beer (also a solid option).

So, planning on having a glass of orange juice for lunch, why not have a Bira 91 Light? It will get you buzzed and refreshed and it has less calories too. Did someone say win-win?