Binging On Delicious Nibblers At The Newly Opened Neel Indian Kitchen

Binging On Delicious Nibblers At The Newly Opened Neel Indian Kitchen

The lovely décor complete with luminous moon transition, golden lights and a comfortable dining space defined the ambience as we stepped into Neel Indian Kitchen at Nariman Point. After the recent launch of a food court, Eleven Kitchens, this is yet another dining space who visit CR2.

The Delish Food

Like the name suggests, Neel Indian Kitchen focuses on the Indian palette although they have interesting and innovative dishes sprawled through their menu. We’ve tried all of their appetizers and have to give special mention to the best we liked. Amongst the vegetarian options we thoroughly enjoyed the Kasundhi & Hari Mirch Ke Rataloo, Peshawari Paneer Tikka and Mushroom Malai Palak. The sweet potatoes marinated with mustard and green chillies were exceptionally cooked and are a must try. The paneer was soft and the flavours from the masala and smokiness of the tandoor made for a great dish. The mushroom had for a stuffing a creamy spinach and though not as smoky as the paneer, this too was a good dish.

From the meaty appetizers we enjoyed the Ajwaini Rawas Tikka, Murgh Charbagh Tikka and Murgh Anari Tikka. The Konkani Tawa Jhinga was also quite delicious but the fish stood out amidst the seafood options for appetizers. The chicken dishes were packed with flavour and were well cooked. The add-ons like the availability of the green pickle and the laccha pyaaz were all a nice touch to a well thought out menu. Plus, the spicy pickle is always helpful when you’re eating non-spicy fare with kids, right?

We enjoyed the experience at Neel Indian Kitchen and can’t wait to come back and try some mains having relished their exceptional food. We ended on a sweet note with a lovely Parde Mein Khubani which is a speciality here. Sweet apricots were hidden in a curtain of dough and we thoroughly enjoyed the dessert as well. So do visit Neel soon and let us know your experience!

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