Binging On A Filling Lunch Meal At Koko Mumbai

The Asian gastropub which wowed us with their sushi at a cocktail event, invited us over to try out their lunch meal. Koko’s Lunch Exclusives menu was kept simple. All we were to do was choose a vegetarian or a non vegetarian rice dish and the rest of the courses were already set accordingly. So we picked the Hainanese Chicken Rice and here’s what all came along.

Lunch Menu At Koko

A tray equipped dishes bearing tofu miso soup, Asian salad, dim sum, sushi, the rice and house dessert was brought to us. The miso soup was brilliant and perfect for the winter season in Mumbai. The tofu in the soup was silky soft and we loved every bit of it. After finishing our bowl of soup, we tucked into the salad which was refreshing. Packed with greens, quinoa and a lovely vinaigrette, we had no problem in wiping the bowl clean.

Binging On A Filling Lunch Meal At Koko Mumbai

The sushi served to us in Koko’s lunch menu had delicate flavours of the avocado and the sauce. The Koko Roll or the prawn tempura is also available on the regular menu and is absolutely delish. The sushi and dim sum portions are two each in the lunch menu. The dim sum served to us were excellent and super tasty. And now was the time for the main dish – Hainanese Chicken Rice. The sauce was fiery and the chicken tender, brilliantly cooked. We loved the whole concept of the lunch and the dishes.

To douse the fiery nature of the sauce in our main dish, we gobbled onto the fresh fruits served along with the meal. The house dessert was a cake which was exactly like eating a Snickers bar, only in more refined manner. We loved it and highly recommend this lunch menu by Koko to those working in Lower Parel as it is a perfect place to bring your co-workers and clients. The food is brilliant and the service pleasant as ever.