Binge On Scrumptious Burgers And Drinks At The Burgery In Mumbai

Craving for a delicious, juicy burger in Bandra? Look no further because The Burgery is here to feed your appetite and give your taste buds a treat. The newbie is all set to give the city a new hub to chill, hang out and have a gala time with friends.

The Ambience

The Burgery is a pretty, quaint and bright place with the distinct yellow and black giving it a vibrant look. The youngsters hang out here often even on weekdays and share college gossip, relishing burgers and drinks while creating memories. So let’s see how this quirky joint is making ‘The World A Burger Place’ one burger at a time.

The Food

First off we tried one of their Frocktails by Cool Story to beat the humid Mumbai weather. ‘Berry Happy Together’ had a combination of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries that were too happy together indeed. The flavours were great with a zing of basil and lemonade which kept our appetite going as we began munching on our first burger.

The Stuffed Chicken and Cheese Burger is absolutely sinful and filling. The caramelization of the onions, the melting cheese and the delicious chicken patty along with some fries went down well with us. Every burger is served with Beetroot Coleslaw which is too good and enhances the creaminess of the dish overall.

Next we tried their Beetroot and Carrot Burger because we were intrigued how good the vegetarian burgers are because it might not always happen that both meaty and veggie dishes are good at the same place. But The Burgery proves otherwise. The burger was absolutely finger-licking good and moves on from the regular aloo patty which we’re thanking the lords for.

The Cheesy Fries amongst a variety of options were the best but their Pesto and Masala Fries are worth a try too! The second frocktail that we had was called ‘Summer In A Glass’ and it held true to its name. With the tropical blends like mango and peach along with a hint of basil and lemonade, this drink was the perfect end to a great burgery meal.