Binge On The Best At The Travelling Stars Festival At Shizusan Shophouse & Bar

We were stoked when Shizusan finally made its way to the Ooru last year, and since then, they haven’t disappointed! Every so often Shizusan and their brilliant team come out with various travelling food festivals that take us on a culinary trip around the world! So far, we’ve been able to snack on sushi, binge on baos, chow down satay, and gobble down dim sum!

Now, thanks to popular demand, Shizusan has brought back the best of the best for the Travelling Stars food festival currently taking place at the Pan-Asian restaurant. We were extremely excited to try out all our old favorites, as well as to treat our taste buds to some new favorites!

All The Hits Of The Travelling Series

We started off with a unique twist on a Bloody Mary, the Oriental Red Eye, with the vodka swapped out for smooth Asahi beer. If you’ve got a hangover, this drink will certainly clear you up nicely! We then tried out the Tofu Kaprow satay skewers, the flavor of lemongrass is infused into the delicious tofu, and even if you’re not a tofu fan, you’ll certainly enjoy this one! The Udong Bulgogi was also a hit as the fragrant lemongrass complemented the sweet meat of the prawns beautifully.

The Sri Lankan Maki Roll is definitely a favorite of the Instagram fam, because the beetroot rice adds a lovely pop of colour to your feed, but we were a bit more partial to the Norwegian Salmon Maki with the delicious smoked salmon offset by the funky sauerkraut and creamy cheese!

We were all a-bao the Teriyaki Glazed Tenderloin Bao, one of our earlier favorites, while the vegetarian Filipino Steamer didn’t disappoint at all! On the Dim Sum side of things we enjoyed the Poached Sea Bass Bao (don’t forget to slurp up the broth), while the Activated Charcoal and Crab Xiao Long Bao was certainly a show stealer!

What’s a dinner without dessert? We obviously had to try the Green Apple Moneybags, reminiscent of an apple pie, complete with cinnamon flavors and topped with caramel (we hope this stays on the menu permanently)! Another one of our favorites was the Vietnamese Iced Coffee Sundae, perfect if you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, and enjoy some crunch (from the honey loops)! If you had any favorites from the Travelling Series, chances are, you’ll find them at the Travelling Stars festival – you might not get this chance again!

Date: July 27 to August 26, 2018

Timings: All Day from Noon – 12:30 AM

Address: Phoenix Marketcity Whitefield, Level 2

For Reservations: Call – +91 80 6726 6655 / 4962 6655