Binge On Authentic Goan Delicacies At House Of Lloyd Mumbai

Binge On Authentic Goan Delicacies At House Of Lloyd Mumbai

Bright, chirpy ambience with canary yellow walls, art work in Marlow Miranda style and family pictures of Chef Lloyd flanked all over, being at the House of Lloyd truly felt like being in a Goan home. From the moment we entered till the very end, we were mesmerised with a variety of things – the food, the décor, the drinks and course with the chef’s cooking style who is not only responsible for the menu but tends to the barbecue himself.

A Meal At The House of Lloyd

We spoke to Chef Lloyd as a tart Aamsol Twist cocktail was served to us on our table. He was determined to bring authentic Goan flavours and traditional dishes to Mumbai. He also told us that he makes the rubs and sauces for the barbecue himself and we couldn’t wait to dig in to the Goan meal that laid ahead of us.

Coming back to the Aamsol Twist, you’ll find an entire section of fresh fruit cocktails on the House of Lloyd menu. Our drink was made of kokum spiked with tequila. One can choose from having the fruit cocktails in the form of a margarita, vodka martini or even a daiquiri. With our refreshing cocktail we relished a sumptuous BBQ Pork Chop sent to us by the chef. The smokiness of the meat was just right and we loved the luscious glaze on it as well. Off to a good start, we now had high expectations of the meal ahead.

Were our expectations met? Hell yes! The Kokum Prawns served with Poi were to die for. Found under the name Sungta Solache on the menu, the prawns tasted fresh, with the lovely flavours of kokum making it an absolute treat. We ate up the prawns first, leaving a pool of gravy behind which we mopped up with the freshly made poi. This bread is a traditional one from Goa and we loved the freshly baked version of it with our food.

Our second appetizer was from their fresh catch section and we picked crabs. The creamy crab meat was a sumptuous treat. We loved their serving idea as they put the meat back into the crab shell and scooping it out was fun. We paired this treat with a Green Apple Treat which was yet another martini made with fresh green apple and of course, tequila. Thoroughly refreshing and a perfect palate cleanser.

For our mains we asked for the Chicken Sorpotel with some steamed rice. Having had tangy, meaty sorpotel at small Goan eateries across town, we wanted to see how Chef Lloyd likes to make this traditional curry. The sorpotel had simple, hearty flavours and we believed that pork would taste quite better with this gravy. None the less, the chicken was quite delicious as well and we thoroughly enjoyed our main course.

Though satisfyingly full, we couldn’t miss the classic Bebinca with Vanilla Ice Cream. This dessert takes an effort to make, making layer after layer and unlike other Indian desserts, bebinca is not overly sweet either. We absolutely enjoyed each and every bite of this traditional dessert and it went beautifully with the ice cream.

So our experience at the House of Lloyd was quite a hearty, rustic one and we believe you should head there for two reasons – the cheery Goan feels and the lip smacking flavours. Do come back and let us know how your experience goes!