Binge On Delicious Seafood At Barbeque Nation’s Jewels Of The Sea Food Festival
February 6, 2018
Christina George (1508 articles)

Binge On Delicious Seafood At Barbeque Nation’s Jewels Of The Sea Food Festival

Craving some crunchy calamari or delicious bangda fry, but can’t manage to take time off work to visit the seaside? Have no fear, because Barbeque Nation has got you covered! The unique, live-grill dining restaurant is back with Jewels of the Sea, a seafood food festival with everything from Lobster Thermidor to Sri Lankan Crab Curry!

In addition to the excitement of live-grilling your starters right at your table (we’re never gonna drop that flag to end the starters) with Jewels of the Sea, there are exciting live stations where your choice of seafood is cooked to order – ain’t that grand!

Get On The See-Food Diet

Munch on some delicious soft shell Tandoori crabs, or pamper yourself with some beautifully cooked Tandoori Pomfret. Transport yourself (in taste and spirit) to the sunny seaside with some Goan style Rawa Fried Mussels (Xinanio) or relax with a traditional Mumbai Bangda Fry.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, Barbeque Nation is serving up a special Eel Fish Curry Nellore which is something you’ve got to try if you’ve never had eel before – it’s aromatic and flavorful just perfect for a cold Bengaluru evening. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the Sri Lankan Crab Curry, Barbeque Nation has absolutely nailed the authenticity of the flavors – you’ll keep coming back for more.

Of course, Barbeque Nation has plenty of vegetarian options for all the herbivores out there! Feast on juicy Pahadi Mushrooms, Anzeer Paneer Tikka, or some delicious Thai Yellow Curry. Don’t forget to check out the live counters where you can partake of scrumptious salads and indulge in custom made kulfi (we recommend the paan kulfi)!

Soak in the brilliant ambiance amplified by colourful coastal uniforms worn by the staff and glorious murals depicting life under the sea – you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the coastline! Participate in the Barbeque Nation giveaway on our Facebook and Instagram pages and you could win a Rs. 1,000 voucher! Gather the gang, and make your reservations because time’s a wastin’!

Date: 31st January 2018 – 18th February 2018

Place: Barbeque Nation, Bengaluru & Chennai Outlets

For Reservations: Visit –

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  1. amar
    amar March 21, 17:05
    it was completely different kind of sea food delight with the sea food festival at barbeque nation.All in all it was truly delicious.
    • Gaayathri Harikrishnan
      Gaayathri Harikrishnan March 23, 15:48
      Thank you so much for sharing your words. For more, check out
  2. Farida S
    Farida S February 28, 00:27
    Looks Delicious :)

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