Bikano Is Looking At A Rs.1000 Crore Turnover In The Next Few Years

Bikano, a manufacturer of packaged and ready-to-eat goods has announced plans to achieve a Rs.1000 crore turnover by FY 2019. It will do this by expanding its product portfolio as well as its outlets across India.

Bikano traces its origins back to Bikaner Namkeen Bhandar, a tuck shop in Chandini Chowk which became rapidly popular for its namkeen and Indian snacks. Today, the tuck shop has grown into a company which produces packaged sweets, namkeen, snacks, papads, sharbats and ready-to-eat Indian traditional dishes which are sold in India as well as in Australia, the Middle East, the US and Europe.

An Increase In Turnover

“We are looking at Rs 1,000 crore turnover by financial year of 2019 as we expand our food and snacks offerings. We are also looking to increase our retail outlet count,” said Bikano’s director Manish Aggarwal to the Times of India.

To increase its production capabilities, Bikano will set up two manufacturing plants in Greater Noida and Hyderabad. It also plans to add 25 stores to its already existing network across India.