Bihar Has Found The Ultimate Life Hack To Buy Alcohol!

Bihar has been under a dry spell for quite some time now, and while authorities argue that it is in the best interest of the people, most of the “people” would rather enjoy their poison. And in an attempt to do the same, the state has found a new way of procuring alcohol. Code words.


Dry To Devious

That’s right, the Indian state just went from dry to devious with an all new hack in order to enjoy their favourite Indian Made Foreign Liquor. All the customer has to know is the right code words and you can make your way around the Prohibition.

The news was confirmed by Superintendent of police (SP) of Bhojpur district in south central Bihar, Kshatranil Singh, who said that the people involved in supplying alcohol illegally had been using a number of secret words to refer to the banned drinks. “The matter came to light after the arrest of a soft drink seller, who had been allegedly supplying alcoholic beverages in Araah town, about 55 km west of state capital, Patna, after receiving orders for such items in code words,” he said.


Code Word: Bihar

So what are these code words that are doing the rounds in the contraband circle? Well, these secret names include a number of obscure names including the likes of ‘Jehangir’ that is code word for India made foreign liquor (IMFL), in Araria district, 320 km north-east of Patna; ‘Ghafoor’, which stands for country made liquor; and ‘Nepal’ that is used to sneak booze at Jogbani and Forbesganj, two towns in the district sharing border with the neighbouring nation. And there are a few others as well.

“You just need to convince illegal liquor traders that you wanted to visit Nepal and you will be handed over a bottle of IMFL,” locals at Forbesganj, 293 km east of Patna, said, adding that “cold drink” was another code.

Bihar Has Found The Ultimate Life Hack To Buy Alcohol!Image: India Today – India Today Group


Home Delivery

Wait, there’s more! Did you know that you don’t physically have to go buy the poison? In the Rohtas and Kaimur districts of West Bihar, the alcohol can be delivered at home even! “Dial the number, and it will be delivered at your doorstep in maximum 20 minutes. All you need is to get your phone numbers registered with the suppliers use the correct code word,” said a man at Bhabua, 197 km south west of Patna, in Kaimur district.

“When you ask for Fruity’, you will get IMFL in tetra packs. The suppliers will deliver a small bottle if you demand chota syrup and a large bottle if you ask for bada syrup,” he said.

So you see, no matter the problem, Bihar will beat you at it. And with a ‘Jehangir’ in hand, no less!


Source: Hindustan Times