Big Breakfasts Are the Key to Rahul Khanna’s Happiness

The name Rahul Khanna might bring to mind sexy, charming and enigmatic, and his Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter followers would all agree that is that and so much more.

While Khanna might not have a movie releasing in theatres every month, he’s still quite busy traveling around the world (follow him on Snapchat for regular updates on where he is every day of the week), spending quality time with friends and working off the grid. For most of us, finding the great balance between work and happiness is not always easy. But in this exclusive interview with iDiva, Khanna talked about all the things that do make him happy and how he makes the most of every single day.


When asked what he would do if he bumped into an old friend, Khanna said that they would hang out at “the Willingdon Club (in Mumbai) channeling our inner viceroys over club sandwiches, sev puri and chilled beer on the whitewashed veranda overlooking the lawns”.

And when talking about the breakfast that is the ultimate happiness, he elaborated, “I’m talking eggs, bacon, sausages, smoked salmon, beans, hash browns, pancakes, waffles, paranthas, poha, dosas – the works! Continental breakfasts are nothing more than table dressing and anyone who tries to serve one to you should be dealt with firmly and made to feel small.”

What’s his favourite place to eat? In his friends’ homes, eating home cooked food.

Header images credited to iDiva